A Harvard Innovation Lab Venture

Milan Global LLC is a social impact venture being accelerated by the Harvard Innovation Lab. Our central mission is to skill underserved and at-risk youth in building social movement brands through our projects with entrepreneurs, innovators and educators. Our vision is to empower a future workforce of young entrepreneurs to create sustainable social change initiatives. We do this through our cultivated community of global thought leaders, educational institutions, and social impact organizations. 

What We Offer The World

Model Young Professionals

Our Model Young Professionals Club is the safe and brave space where we skill at-risk and underserved youth by exposing them to the inclusive power of entrepreneurship and innovation through mentorship, meaningful apprenticeships and gigs.


We provide individual and group mentorship to students where we focus on ensuring their mental well-being, career counselling and goal-setting, and ensuring they have the life skills to be strong and capable individuals in the 21st century society.


These apprenticeships are opportunities for youth to learn safely and bravely through real-world experience with entrepreneurs and innovators. We track and verify their skill growth through the in-house application we developed. 

Community Consulting

Our community of global entrepreneurs bring a diverse and multidisciplinary skillset to offer a variety of consulting services based on the gaps that we identify on a regular basis. We especially consult with entrepreneurs, innovators and organizations looking to create an inclusive and high-performing company culture. 

Social Movement Branding 

We provide entrepreneurs and innovators a workforce for storytelling and community-building to transform their brand visibility and reach. Using platforms like websites, we shape the brand around a social movement to establish an intentional and long-term connection with users. In the process, we are instrumental in advancing the brand impact. 

Event Production

We take educational events and exchanges to the next level. Our team of experts consults and collaborates with teams to enable inclusive and impactful planning, outreach, marketing, and execution. Our work with Harvard UniversityThe Ohio State University and beyond, have provided thousands of lives worldwide with vital knowledge and resources.

Hear from our customers

MYP Club changed my life! I never knew I would actually be able to follow my passions, let alone profit and create a life from them. Since I joined Milan, my parents no longer worry about my future. I am learning how to be an entrepreneur and make a career out of making a difference in people's lives and doing what I love.

Prarthana CS, Model Young Professional Media Officer

Being a Model Young Professional has meant being challenging every day to be a better version of myself. Before I joined the platform, I lacked confidence in myself and could not express my ideas easily. Then, thanks to my mentors, I fell in love with entrepreneurship and my life has become full of possibilities! 

Bhuvana Gopal, Model Young Professional People Officer

Milan Global transformed our process of educating and equipping our students. Through their connections and resources, they allowed us to scale our impact meaningfully and effectively. Would suggest their services to all institutions looking to create a more inclusive and advanced approach to education.

Principal, International University